Web Hosting

BBB WEB DESIGN provide a number of website web hosting solutions to meet the requirements of our clients, from simple static websites to large database driven ecommerce websites. We use state of the art reliable, firewalled and dedicated web hosting servers which are located within a climate controlled environment, housed inside a secure purpose built data centre.

Once we have setup your website on our servers we ensure that it is always running and backed up appropriately. We have a number of offsite servers and keep copies of the website on each server, as well as on our local server based in Paphos.

Server specifications

Our servers are Linux based, running the latest server technologies with excessive amounts of memory and hard drive space and unlimited bandwidth. These purpose built web servers are very reliable and provide support for a wide variety of technologies.

Hosting solutions

We have a range of dedicated web servers and utilise the appropriate server to match you website requirements. Our web servers support the following:

• Linux Dedicated Servers
• Domain registration and/or domain transfer
• Spam Filtering
• SSL Certificate Registration
• Additional IP Addresses
• Video Streaming
• High Bandwidth and High Availability
• Comprehensive Web Statistics
• Unlimited Web Space
• Email Hosting
• Firewall Controlled Access

Email services

Our email servers are very reliable, providing you with support for webmail or Windows based email clients, e.g. MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc. You can have as many email addresses as you require and we will provide you with all of the account information and support required to get them setup at your office. If you prefer a forwarding service for your email we can provide that too. We can also provide spam filtering and virus filtering.

Backup services

We backup our servers on a weekly basis ensuring that these backups are also stored offsite. We can provide CD or DVD backups if you require individual backups for your solution.

Secure transactions

Our servers provide full support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions by incorporating the ability to register SSL Certificates to a unique IP address, registered to your domain name.

When recording client data and payment information through a website you must always ensure that your clients data is protected. This is done with the aid of one of these SSL certificates, which enables us to encrypt the transactions and data recording.

So if you are looking for a secure and reliable hosting service that provides you with the flexibility to grow your business, give BBB WEB DESIGN a call on 99585446 now for a free quotation with no obligation.