Domain Names

Domain names can be likened to a house or business address. Sometimes this address is called a URL – which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. However, computers use addresses that are made up from numbers called IP addresses. These numbers are hard for us humans to remember so we use domains to point to these addresses – think of it like a phone book – e.g. which is of course, much easier to remember.

We can register domain names and/or transfer domain names to our servers on your behalf. The domain itself will be registered to you, or your business, and thus ownership will always be with you. Will manage and maintain your domain ensuring that the domain is re-registered appropriately every year. We can also provide sub-domains and domain forwarding should this be required.

When we register your domain name, it is unique to you and when someone enters it into a web browser they are taken directly to your webspace where your webpages are waiting.

Your homepage is like the entrance to your business. You will also be able to have multiple email addresses that use the same domain name – again, they are unique to you/your business and you can also assign email addresses to each of your staff or to general addresses such as [email protected]

We are able to register and maintain all worldwide domain names and work directly with the domain registry in Cyprus where we can register domains.